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Location, location, location. It’s a mantra that everyone who has even looked at buying or selling a property has heard. The specific location of your property and its proximity and travel time to shops, public transport links, road networks, schools, and more all have an effect on how appealing your property is to the local market. Of course, you probably already knew this though…
Have you ever considered the impact that proximity to other local landmarks & attractions have on your property’s popularity and attractiveness? Things like being close to parks, having a nice view of the country, and other things can have a surprising effect. 

Research that took place in 2016 indicated that many buyers in the UK are willing to pay a significant premium to live as close as possible to their local bit of greenery – especially those living in or moving from large, urban sprawls such as Birmingham. As Stourbridge and Halesowen have plenty of large parks, the demand for property located near to some of our larger parks such as Leasowes Park, Stevens Park, or Mary Stevens Park can be particularly high, especially for those moving into the area from further afield.

Another important thing to consider is proximity to leisure activities – whilst not something particularly high on the list for many buyers when carrying out an initial property search, it can be one of those things that can help a buyer choose your property over another one when otherwise it can be very close – things like proximity to gyms, cinemas, swimming pools and golf courses can all have an effect.