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Often, when asked the question ‘why do you love living in Hagley’ people tend to say that the schools are a big reason. Even the members of our Stourbridge estate agents team who live or have lived in Hagley agree with this – either they have personally benefitted from the great schools in the area or have children/younger family that are currently benefiting from them.

The department of education has recently released new figures that have officially confirmed what most people in Hagley already know – that our schools are some of the best in the area.
Haybridge High School in Hagley have the best recorded GCSE results in 2018 out of the whole of Worcestershire – they have achieved an incredible ‘attainment eight’ score of 58.5. For those of you unaware as to what an ‘attainment eight’ score is, it’s a score based on how well pupils have done in up to eight GCSEs. The nationwide average is 46.5 – meaning Haybridge have scored 12 points higher than the national average.
It’s also great news for neighbouring Hagley RC High School – with a score of 51.6 they are also well above the national average and ranked as one of the top ten schools in Worcestershire.
So that’s two schools in Hagley achieving great scores, confirming their position as two of the best schools in the county and well above the national average when compared to schools further afield.

If you’re looking at moving and making sure your child can get into a good high school is a priority for you, speak to our Stourbridge branch and some of our friendly local staff would be happy to help.