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When buying a home it’s crucial to get all the information you need to make a fully informed decision. At AP Morgan we endeavour to provide an honest and complete customer service to all of our customers, including answering as many questions about any of the properties we market as thoroughly as possible. Even if you’re viewing through other estate agents, there are several key questions to ask.

Of course, we can’t possibly give you all the information there is about a house on a viewing – not only would it be a complete information overload, but there is simply just not enough time in the day!

We’ve put together a list of the questions we’d always recommend buyers ask when viewing a property.

Why is the owner selling?

Often, moving to a new house can be a stressful time and the seller may not be keen to share this information with buyers if it’s particularly sensitive. Of course, if the reasons are perhaps more straightforward it’s easy to pass this on to potential buyers – this can even become a selling point all of its own. If, for example, you’re moving with no onward chain (for example moving into rented accommodation, buying with cash, etc.) then the allure of a quick and easy purchase can appeal to many buyers.

When do the sellers need to move out by?

Tying in to what we mentioned above, this is an important thing to know. Not only does this let you know whether you’re buying on a realistic timescale, but can also inform you of the status of the chain you may become a part of.

Exactly what is included in the sale?

For example, is the garden shed or the greenhouse included? Any fixtures and fittings, such as curtains? You may also want to check exactly where the boundary is in, as some properties throughout the West Midlands and the Black Country can have some quirks with the boundary lines shared with neighbouring properties and land.

How long have the owners lived there?

To put it simply, the longer the owners have lived in the property, the less likely it is there will be any issues for you. If they have only lived in the property for a short period it’s important to try and find out why – chances are it will be because of a change of circumstances on their part, but on the off-chance it has something to do with the property itself it’s important to know.

How did the valuer come up with the asking price?

Chances are the person showing you around the property will not be the same person that went out to value the property in the first place – at AP Morgan at least, we have specialist members of our team that carry out these appointments. However, the agent with you on the viewing will be able to take you through all the reasons behind the valuation. This can help ease your mind and help you understand not only the knowledge the estate agents have and that you will be in safe hands throughout the transaction.