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It’s important when you’re looking to sell your home that you instruct an agent that is the best for you – everyone has different needs and priorities when selling their home, so you must find out how well the services provided by different agents lines up with what you need and expect.

Most people have two or three agents out to value their property. This is often for the best, as it will better educate you as to the differences between these agents, and how they work. Whilst going through these valuations, we recommend asking the following questions in order to find out which agents provides the best deal for you:

Have you sold many in the area?

In all honesty, if an agent has sold several properties on your street or around the area then they would jump at the chance to sell you – if we’ve sold properties near to your area of Stourbridge, Halesowen, Redditch or Bromsgrove you can be sure we would have told you already! It’s an important thing to know as it means the agents selling your property have had experience selling very similar properties, and likely have buyers who are still actively looking for similar properties.

Have you got any reviews I can read?

In this modern world it’s incredibly easy if you receive a dissatisfactory service to leave a review on public sites such as Google, Trustpilot, or Facebook – we’ve probably all left poor reviews when we’re not pleased with a service! AP Morgan are pleased to say that we have excellent, five-star ratings on all of these sites across all of our branches, with the number of reviews going into triple figures.

It’s important to understand that these reviews are independent and not controlled by us – testimonials or case studies on an estate agents website are usually carefully selected and curated.

Have you got many valuations today?

A good estate agent is a busy estate agent. An estate agent with multiple appointments in the diary is one who other sellers have also decided they want to call out, whether that’s because of a recommendation from a friend or family member, they are an existing buyer who wants to go on the market, or they saw several for sale boards. The more appointments an estate agent has, the more you can be sure people trust them, and the larger their network is to find the ideal buyer for your property.