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 After some fairly dreary weather over the past few weeks, Bromsgrove, Halesowen, Redditch, and Stourbridge are set to brighten up for at least a few days! Taking advantage of this weather is a must, and there are some things you can do pretty much straight away in order to boost the saleability of your property.

 The most obvious thing to do is to spend the time tidying up the garden – it’s probably also something most people do anyway once the weather brightens up. It sounds simple, but simply mowing the grass, tidying up any hedgerows, and de-weeding your pathways can make the property look a lot more taken-care-of and makes a much better first impression when people first arrive for a viewing.

If you have more time, it’s worth also going into a bit more detail – spending thirty minutes outside with a pressure washer cleaning the grime off of your pathways and walls, or putting a lick of paint over your old, peeling handrails really helps. You may not notice things like that anymore, but it will help your property to stick in the mind of anyone who comes to view it.

 As much as we enjoy the sun, it can also make the interior of your property not look quite as clean as you’d hope – we’ve all experienced a ray of sunshine that makes your worksurfaces look dusty, or your windows a bit grimy. Make sure to thoroughly dust, wipe down your work surfaces, clean your windows, and mop your floors – it’s always a good idea to have a thorough clean before any viewings take place anyway, but just be extra attentive when the sun highlights any missed spots!

On that note, it’s always a good idea to open the windows and get a bit of fresh air into the property – especially if you have any pets, or a teenage child! It’s the best way to make the property feel airier and fresher, and helps to clear out any stale air.