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Like many areas of Redditch, Headless Cross was once a village of its own. It is widely thought to be names after Headless Cross farm, which was located roughly where Vaynor Drive is now located. As you may have heard, Redditch was once the world’s leading manufacturer of needles, and Headless Cross was home to three needle works; The Needle Factory, Phoenix Works, and Pleasant Mill. The area was also home to brickworks on Marlpit Lane and Birchfield Road.

In recent times Headless Cross has left its industrial past behind it, becoming a residential area with a popular centre, which features several shops, restaurants, pubs, and bars.

Headless Cross is home to both a first school (The Vaynor First School) and a middle school (Walkwood CE Middle School) which are both located on Feckenham Road.

One of the town’s old water towers still stands in Headless Cross. It has now been converted into a private residence but still remains a local landmark, visible from other areas of Redditch and beyond.