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Pedmore is a residential area of Stourbridge with a rich history. Historically, Pedmore was a village in the countryside of Worcestershire until the 20th century, when, like much of modern Stourbridge, the extensive development of high-standard homes connected the village with Stourbridge. Because of its history as a village, Pedmore benefits from a local shop, post office, and local pub, whilst retaining all the benefits of being part of Stourbridge as a whole. The area also benefits from a strong sense of community because of this history.

Pedmore is one of the more popular areas served by AP Morgan Stourbridge – the area benefits from being close to both Stourbridge Junction and Hagley railway stations, making the area popular with commuters to Birmingham, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, Worcester, or Wolverhampton. The area is also served by several popular schools, further increasing the area’s popularity amongst families.