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Kinver is a beautiful small village just to the north of Stourbridge. Whilst technically part of South Staffordshire, not the Black Country or the West Midlands, Kinver shares many historical ties to Stourbridge, being situated on the same Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal line and lying close to the course of the River Stour. Whilst the area has been populated for many centuries, today Kinver is a quiet and picturesque village that enjoys plenty of national trust land, a country park, and several events throughout the year that attract people from far afield.

As mentioned above, Kinver has been inhabited in one form or another for nearly two-thousand years, with a nearby roman fort having an established presence at around 47AD. However, the village proper began to be layed out in the late 13th century, as the plans for the High Street and Lords Manor began to take shape. The village’s proximity to the River Stour was used to the advantage of the industries within the village throughout the industrial revolution, as the flow of the river was used for making woollen cloth, and later being used to power finery forges and slitting mills which in turn provided raw materials that were manufactured into other products – often nails, in the nearby Black Country.

Many of the historical sites built in the area are still standing and can be visited by the public. Amongst the most famous of these sites may be the Holy Austin Rock Houses – the last cave dwellings occupied in the UK. Now owned by the National Trust and restored to Victorian and 1930s conditions, they are open for tour. The cottage gardens and orchard near to the dwellings are also in the process of being restored. To see buildings involved in Kinver’s industrial history, all one has to do is take a short walk through the village – many of the buildings have a rich history behind them.

Hagley is a charming little village just outside of Stourbridge. With a rich history dating back many years, Hagley and the nearby village of Blakedown have a wide variety of properties available. At AP Morgan we have a large online database covering property all across Worcestershire, the Black Country, and the West Midlands, and Hagley still proves one of the most popularly enquired-about areas. As properties in Stourbridge, Hagley, and Kingswinford seem to be fairly similar to one another, we believe this may be down to the actual location and local characteristics of the area.

Hagley is separated from Stourbridge – and therefore the larger urban Black Country – by a thin but beautiful patch of green belt land. Furthermore, the village sits at the foot of the Clent Hills. The Clent Hills have long been an attraction for walkers, runners, cyclists, families and even more for many years, with views across Birmingham, Worcestershire, the Black Country and on a clear day even farther! In addition to this, Hagley Hall (from which the village gets its name) is also within Hagley, and has large grounds open to the public for you to wander.

But it’s not all open spaces and leisurely walks – for your day to day needs and convenience, Hagley is a popular area for commuters and other people needing to travel thanks to the area’s excellent transport links. For those looking to commute to Birmingham, Stourbridge, Kidderminster, and Worcester, the local train station is invaluable. Whilst it’s easily walkable from most places in the village, there are also some car parking spaces available. For those who need to drive further afield, the village has excellent connections via road, also. The A491 and A456 both run through the village, providing easy access to Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Stourbridge, Birmingham, and more. The M5 and M42 motorways are also a short drive away and easily accessible for those trips further afield. 

Our online database of properties in Stourbridge, Hagley, and Kingswinford is updated constantly to bring you the finest range of homes in and around the local area. If you are interested in one of our properties or want to get your own property on the market, contact AP Morgan Estate Agents in Stourbridge today.

Wollaston is an area of Stourbridge just one mile from the town centre. It lies on the historic border between Dudley Metropolitan Borough and Staffordshire County, previously forming part of the border between south Staffordshire and north Worcestershire. However nowadays the town is recognised as part of the wider Black Country area within the West Midlands. From our strategically placed high street office in Stourbridge town centre, our estate agents have sold and valued many properties in the Wollaston area, and are more than happy to explain to people considering a move to the area what makes it so great!


Firstly, like many areas in this part of the Black Country, there are a wide variety of properties available to suit any kind of buyer – whether it’s a semi-detached house with off-road parking or a trendy, historic loft apartment, Wollaston’s rich history has provided many different kinds of properties to the area over the years from incredibly historic pre-industrial cottages, to workers’ houses, to one of the many new estates build since the 1950s – this ongoing development isn’t just in property though, the investment throughout the area in transport, facilities, amenities, and more has resulted in a modern, vibrant place to live with a rich history.


The nearest train station is Stourbridge town, with a connecting line to Stourbridge Junction – the main train station in the area. Stourbridge Junction has direct lines to Wolverhampton, Birmingham New Street, and Worcester. Wollaston also has several bus routes ran by several companies which run through the village, connecting it to wider areas. For driving, the main A458 road runs through Wollaston, and it is only a short drive to major motorways like the M5 and M6, for driving further afield. In the early 20th century, Wollaston was served by an electric tramway, and is currently being considered as a stop for the West Midlands’ new, expanded tram network. Historically, Wollaston has strong links to the world of transport.


One of Wollaston’s biggest claims to fame is as the birthplace of the steam locomotive. The Stourbridge Lion was the first steam locomotive to run on a commercial line in the United States, cementing the village into locomotive history. The Stourbridge Lion currently stands in the B&O railroad museum in Baltimore, Maryland, on loan from the Smithsonian Institution. The building where the Stourbridge Lion, the foundry in Lowndes Road, still stands to this day, however it is now the Lion Health Centre – a multimillion-pound doctors’ surgery that serves Wollaston and the wider area. If you are interested in local history, there aren’t many areas in the Black Country or even further afield in the West Midlands with such a rich history.


If you are tempted to move to Wollaston, contact the area’s leading estate agents – AP Morgan. Our Stourbridge-based estate agency is run by experienced, local agents who highly value, and have won awards for, an impeccable standard of customer service.

Lye is a wonderful area of Stourbridge – with its vibrant local community, bustling and popular high street, numerous pubs, breweries, and restaurants and other local attractions, it’s constantly attracting buyers from all over Stourbridge, the West Midlands, and beyond. If you have already made the decision to move to this wonderful area, you’re in good company. Of course, we’d always recommend popping in to our local Stourbridge High Street office for a chat if you’re looking for a property in the area, but we have some tips for anyone looking to move. 

If you’re commuting, being close to the train station is a must

If you’re commuting further afield, being close to the train station is an absolute must – this popular station has regular trains between Stourbridge Junction, Birmingham Snow Hill, and Stratford-Upon-Avon. At peak times there are often additional services, including occasional services to London Marylebone with Chiltern Railways. For most commuters into Birmingham or Stourbridge, Lye train station is indispensable. Thankfully, there are many properties within easy walking distance, making that early morning walk not seem as bad!

What kind of property are you looking for?

For such a small area, Lye has a large amount of different kinds of properties available. From Semi-detached houses with large gardens and off-road parking, to smaller yet spacious terraced houses even to apartments and flats – this small former village has a wide selection of different kinds of properties to choose from, so it’s important to make sure you narrow your search down early so you don’t miss out on your ideal home. 

Find out exactly what you can afford.

In addition to narrowing down your search based on what kind of properties you like, it’s also incredibly important to ensure you know what you can afford. At AP Morgan we have an in-house, independent financial advisor who can discuss all of your options and find out exactly what you’re able to afford – with expert financial advice you often find out you can afford more than you originally thought! Our advisor in our Stourbridge branch is Misbah Zulfiqar of Morgan Financial Solutions.

Kingswinford is an area just five miles north-west of Stourbridge, historically forming part of the border between South Staffordshire and North Worcestershire. Kingswinford is one of the most popular areas of the Black Country and the West Midlands for those looking for a wide mix of properties and is amongst the favourite areas that our estate agents like to work in!

This particular area of Stourbridge has a rich history and is perfect for those not just looking for a property with character but looking to own a genuine piece of national and international history! In Kingswinford’s most dramatic and bloody chapter, this is where the conspirators of the Gunpowder Plot made their last, ill-fated stand. Even further back, Kingswinford is mentioned as far back as the Domesday book. This long standing in an area that has seen as much change as the Black Country means there are plenty of unique properties in the area, from pre-industrial cottages, to properties reflecting Kingswinford’s significant industrial influence in the past, to new build estates which have further built upon the area’s economic wealth. In this article, we will discuss more of the types and kinds of properties that are available in the area, so you can find something that suits you.

Firstly, let’s look at some of the oldest properties in the area – unique, characterful cottages and other pre-industrial properties. Due to a combination of the age of the area mentioned above, and the position of Kingswinford on the border of the Black Country and a huge swath of green belt land that stretches all the way into Wales, there is a wide selection of properties available. Whether it’s traditional, thatch-roof cottages, barn conversions, or any other kind of cottage (of which we have plenty in the local area!) you are sure to find something you want. If you still want to own a piece of history, but aren’t particularly looking for a cottage, there may still be other options available to you.

Because of Kingswinford’s historical influence and industrial past, there are also a wide range of properties with industrial heritage and plenty of character. As part of Stourbridge, Kingswinford was heavily involved in glass production, with several glass cones still visible, some still being used, and others turned into museums open to the public. There are a number of properties built to house the workers of the time – these houses, the majority of them being characterful terraced properties towards the centre of town. Don’t be put off if you think these properties look small on the outside, inside they are surprisingly spacious! However, if you are looking for a property with plenty of room and all the modern conveniences, you will have plenty to choose from.

One of the most popular types of property in Kingswinford are the more modern properties – like many areas of Stourbridge, the Black Country, and even the West Midlands as a whole, Kingswinford saw huge amounts of development and investment in high-quality properties throughout the area, commencing in the 1950’s and 1960’s and continuing all the way through to the present day. These developments have resulted in a large amount of high-quality properties perfect for families, and with the wide number of great travel connections in the area, make them well suited for those who need to commute for work. The past and ongoing development doesn’t just involve properties, however – the local authorities have made great efforts to ensure local amenities such as the town centre and especially the high street have grown alongside the demand.