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Property Search


Once you start on your property search, it doesn’t take long to get a few viewings lined up. If you sign up with AP Morgan Estate Agents in Stourbridge, because of the variety of properties we have available we can usually arrange a few viewings on properties that meet your requirements.

It’s important to remember that a property that looks perfect for you on paper may not turn out perfect when you go to view it. We can also say with some certainty that there is nearly always something that turns out to be a must-have that you haven’t previously considered until starting to view properties.
We’ve wrote this guide to help you make the most of your viewings.

Bring someone else along

It’s incredibly easy to get caught up in the moment when viewing a property – whether you’re buying alone or with a partner. There’s always a lot of emotions flying around when you’re potentially viewing your future home. Therefore, it’s often a good idea to bring someone along who won’t get as caught up and will be able to give you a good second opinion. Often this can be a friend or a family member.

Be open minded

Not every property you view will be decorated in a manner that appeals to you, or indeed with much taste at all. How a property is decorated is easy to change, talk to your Stourbridge estate agent about it, and they will be able to help you take this into account if you wish to make an offer.

The most important thing is considering the space and making sure you can imagine yourself and whoever you will be living with (be that a partner, or your family) living in the space.

Make sure to look outside

Most of your time on the viewing will be spent inside the property – rightfully so, as this is where you will spend most of your time if you move in. It is, however, really important to take a good look outside. Check the guttering and roof for any signs of potential damage as this will cost a lot to fix if there are any issues. Also make sure to check the garden, fence panels, etc. Whilst these aren’t as costly, you will need to take any work that needs doing into account when making any offers.

Take your time

Buying a house is one of the biggest decisions you will make, and it’s important not to rush the process. Allow at least 30 minutes, if possible, take even more. If an estate agent is accompanying you, they will let you know when they need to get going to their next appointment. If you want to come back, let the agent know and get something else booked in!

If booking another viewing, it may be a good idea to see the property at a different time of day and to see the neighbourhood at other times.

There are no stupid questions

Throughout their careers our estate agents have dealt with all sorts and have been asked all sorts of weird and wonderful questions! We can’t stress enough that this is your future home you may be viewing, so it’s important to be as informed as you can, no matter how trivial or silly the questions may seem.


By following all of the above guidelines, you’ll be well on your way to finding your next home in Stourbridge. If you want any more guidance, or want to book a viewing on one of our properties, please give us a call!

As leading estate agents in Halesowen, Stourbridge, Redditch, and Bromsgrove, we think we’ve heard nearly every myth there is when it comes to selling your home – gossip and misinformation can spread like wildfire, especially in an industry that deals with stressful transactions like selling your home. When homeowners ask friends and family for advice, they may hear things that are not entirely true, even if they’ve been spread by estate agents.

At AP Morgan, we’ve always prided ourselves on being open, honest, and transparent with our customers. The rest of this article features myths that we have debunked first-hand with our clients.


“You should make the buyers wait when you receive an offer.”

We would never advise simply making the buyer wait as a rule. If your buyer has made an offer that you are happy with, and you are aware and happy of their position, then there is no reason not to accept the offer right away.

If you are waiting on multiple offers from a few interested parties, we may advise to hold off until the other applicants have made their offer, also. However, it’s clear to communicate to all buyers where they currently stand – simply waiting without communicating that you are waiting for other offers may result in the buyer thinking you aren’t interested and moving on to another property. Thankfully, if you’re selling through AP Morgan, we will take care of this process of communication for you.


“Always offer under the asking price, and tell an agent your maximum budget”

As with above, we cannot stress the value of open and honest communication between buyers, sellers, and agents. Needlessly offering below the asking price often does not benefit the buyer at all, in fact it can often weaken their position if the seller has other offers on the table that are for a higher price.

Likewise, if you’re looking for property and are discussing your requirements with an agent, then it’s important for the agent to know exactly what your position is in order to find your ideal property. We need to know exactly what position you’re in and exactly what you can afford, otherwise you are limiting yourself and may not find the kind of properties you are in fact looking for.


“You should upgrade the kitchen/bathroom before selling”

Whilst it’s true that upgrading or renovating a kitchen or bathroom may boost the property’s value, the honest truth of it is simply that it doesn’t have the best return on investment when compared to some other, smaller improvements. In fact, when compared to other home improvements such as adding a conservatory, landscaping your garden, improving the exterior of your property, or getting new carpets fitted, getting your kitchen or bathroom renovated nets you the least return on your investment, at less than 50% on average!

The best thing you can do if you want to boost the value of your property is ask the agent when they come out to give you your initial valuation. Our agents have valued hundreds, if not thousands of properties over the years and we’ve seen it all – we’ll be more than happy to sit down, share what we’ve seen benefit other, similar properties, and discuss what changes you can make to your property in order to achieve the best possible price.


“Noisy locations are a turn off” or “Never buy a property in a noisy location”

We completely understand the reluctance to buy a property in a noisy location or feeling like your property may not sell because of noise. However, this isn’t as big of a concern as people often feel it is.

Firstly, most properties we come across now have double or even triple glazed windows, coupled with other insulation throughout the property near enough isolates most noise, such as traffic.

What we think is most important to consider, however, is the reason for the noise – as this can often be a selling point for the right kind of buyer. For instance, if a property is close to a train station, this will be a massive selling point for anyone who needs to use the train to travel, as it means it’s very close by. Likewise, with being close to a main road or motorway – buyers with requirements of being well linked to transport networks would see being close to these roads as a massive benefit.


“Every property has a set value”

An estate agent’s valuation is not the same kind of valuation you may receive from a surveyor. A valuation from an estate agent is simply how much we think the property could sell for in the current market – but it also needs to take the seller’s needs into account. We always say there is a buyer for every property, at any price.

For example, if a sellers’ priority is simply selling for the highest amount possible, but they have no need to sell quickly, then the property can stay on the market for longer, at a higher price, until it attracts the right kind of buyer who is willing to pay that amount for that property.

On the flipside, if a buyer’s main priority is simply selling as fast as possible, we may advise to list the property for a slightly lower value than usual, in order to attract as many buyers as possible – besides, once the buyers are through the door, we can always negotiate to get the price back up.


Do any of these myths sound like things you’ve heard before? Remember, we’ve only just scratched the surface here and there are many more out there! If you want to talk about selling your home, book AP Morgan out for a FREE, no obligation valuation of your property.

Spring is exciting in all of our offices at AP Morgan. We receive a lot of calls from interested, serious buyers inquiring about all kinds of properties throughout Halesowen and Stourbridge. We also receive a lot of calls from interested sellers looking to have ourselves out to value their property.
You may be wondering why this activity picks up around this time of the year, and there are several reasons why…

Spring has always been, traditionally, the busiest time of year in the property market, even as portals have become more and more important over the past decade or so. You would be forgiven for thinking that time of year shouldn’t be as crucial as it once was, but the market still seems to come alive in spring.
In our experience, this is largely down to the number of active buyers in the market increasing rapidly over the course of just a few weeks once Spring starts to settle in. As the weather improves and the days get longer, buyers are much keener to arrange viewings in the much more pleasant temperatures. 

It goes without saying that if you’re looking to sell your home, an increased number of buyers will always be beneficial. Firstly, the more buyers that are on the market and thus also in our databases, the higher the chances that your property perfectly matches up with their requirements, meaning more interest from serious buyers. This in turn then drums up competition between buyers, meaning you can get the best possible price for your property as soon as possible.

There’s also the issue of timing. Many buyers and sellers often want to make sure they are settled by summer – or at the latest, September, when the kids are back at school.
If you have a deadline a few months away, then you have a longer time to work with your estate agents to get the best offer possible, without just rushing to accept the first one that comes your way – obtaining a better price for your property is always a great outcome for you in the long term. 

Another reason many sellers prefer to sell during spring is simply because that’s when their properties look their best. With flowers in bloom and longer days giving you more chance to get the exterior of your property looking great – including mowing the lawn, tidying the garden, and maybe cleaning up any paving or patio areas. We always mention how important kerb appeal is when selling your property, as this affects both how it looks in photographs, when people drive past, and when people arrive for viewings. First impressions are very important when selling your home.

If you are keen on selling your home in and around Halesowen this spring, call your local AP Morgan office to arrange a FREE, no-obligation valuation with our dedicated estate agents.

 After some fairly dreary weather over the past few weeks, Bromsgrove, Halesowen, Redditch, and Stourbridge are set to brighten up for at least a few days! Taking advantage of this weather is a must, and there are some things you can do pretty much straight away in order to boost the saleability of your property.

 The most obvious thing to do is to spend the time tidying up the garden – it’s probably also something most people do anyway once the weather brightens up. It sounds simple, but simply mowing the grass, tidying up any hedgerows, and de-weeding your pathways can make the property look a lot more taken-care-of and makes a much better first impression when people first arrive for a viewing.

If you have more time, it’s worth also going into a bit more detail – spending thirty minutes outside with a pressure washer cleaning the grime off of your pathways and walls, or putting a lick of paint over your old, peeling handrails really helps. You may not notice things like that anymore, but it will help your property to stick in the mind of anyone who comes to view it.

 As much as we enjoy the sun, it can also make the interior of your property not look quite as clean as you’d hope – we’ve all experienced a ray of sunshine that makes your worksurfaces look dusty, or your windows a bit grimy. Make sure to thoroughly dust, wipe down your work surfaces, clean your windows, and mop your floors – it’s always a good idea to have a thorough clean before any viewings take place anyway, but just be extra attentive when the sun highlights any missed spots!

On that note, it’s always a good idea to open the windows and get a bit of fresh air into the property – especially if you have any pets, or a teenage child! It’s the best way to make the property feel airier and fresher, and helps to clear out any stale air.

When you’re ready to put your home on the market, choosing an agent can feel overwhelming – not only are there usually a few local high-street agents to choose from, each of whom offer a unique service, there are also several online-only agents and other agents who also cover the whole country.

How do you know who will give you the best deal, who will be able to easily sell your property, or who will give you the best customer service? Often, the answer can be as simple as figuring out who’s closest.

You’ll nearly always be better off choosing an agent with a local high street office. This is a sure-fire way of guaranteeing the agent that you will be working with knows the local area. Often with online-only agents they can cover a massive area in their day-to-day work, due to the fact they lack a base of operations to come back to (take a look at a website for an online-only agent and see for yourself, one well-known company has an agent that simply covers ‘the East Midlands’ – an area of over 6000-square-miles!) – however with AP Morgan Estate Agents, our town-centre branches in Redditch, Bromsgrove, and Stourbridge guarantee that we know the areas we work in intimately.


You’ll be able to meet the team in person whenever you need, as your estate agents have offices that are open to the public in easy-to-find high-street offices. At AP Morgan, not only do we always schedule a meeting at your home after you instruct us so you can get to know the people selling your home, but we’re always happy to sit down and have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee with any clients – past, present, or future! However, with some agents, you’re likely to only see them a few times, such as on your initial valuation, and any viewings that take place subsequently.


A local agent will nearly always have access to local contacts in the area – such as removals, tradespeople, solicitors/conveyancers. You’ll find as your estate agents have built up relationships with these suppliers for years, you can often get a much better deal than going direct.


The knowledge that high-street agents with the right tools naturally acquire over the course of their careers simply cannot be matched by an online-only agent. We’re confident that over the course of their careers, all of our staff build up an unrivalled street-by-street knowledge of their local areas, and as such are able to use our tools (such as our huge, up-to-date database of local buyers) to their full effect, to find the ideal buyers for your property. This kind of knowledge and access to local data makes all the difference to finding your ideal buyer, especially when compared to online listings alone.